Monday, February 27, 2006


texas, old rockers, and high anticipation ...

When we first landed in the
we toured the country with the Joe Walsh band.
Baptism of fire it was
in some ways.
and those old rockers
and old roadies
showed us a lot.
The spectrum.

One of the shows that still sticks with me
is our show in a big parking lot
in Texas.
Wild ...
and that part of the States
has continued to live up to that
and anticipation
all those years ago
... whenever we've made it back.

One of the earliest festivals we did in Texas
was the North Texas Irish Fest.
i remember 2 different stages
a great vibe
and a great impromptu set
in honour of the wet.

the best part of 10 years on
we get to do it again.

We're bringing didgeriDrew
high expectation
and anticipation.
Line em up
Josh ...
we's a comin.

Welcome back! We in North Texas are indeed fortunate. Having you back for two festivals in less than a year. Wow! Counting the days.

I can not be there in person but will be there in spirit!!
So are you EVER going to come back to Wisconsin? *sniffle*

high anticipation..most definitely..
What a great show tonight at the NTIF here in Dallas. Brother was hot tonight, there was so much energy I could feel it in every breath I took.

You kicked some major butt today at N.T.I.F. Thanks for two incredible shows. Can't wait for tomorrow.
P.S. Thanks for doing "You Carry Me" at tonight's show.It was one of my votes for the compilation cd. It was great to hear it performed live.

What incredible energy! What amazing shows! Thanks to you and the guest performers. Hope you will return soon.
hash, gus, dalbo, drew..thank you..for it all..what a weekend eh..
i wish i could see brother again soon :( im feeling the lack of them over here in Illinois but im glad you guys had fun

wow wow!~
u guys r amazing!~~
I'm the asian girl who just took a picture with u in farmer's market.
U r travelling around the world, aren't you?
It's fantasty!
I'm not gonna forget u guys
how cool!~~
Great pics from the weekend in the road dirt section....'Specially love Hash's hair!
Misti, I share your view; we need to get the boys back to the upper Midwest! How about more shows in WI and/or MN? We saw them in Philly in February, but I hope something comes our way soon . . .
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