Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The biggest wave

hamish: march 1, 2007

The biggest wave

Hallo everyone.
i've just caught my biggest wave of the summer
on the first day of Autumn
... that's got to be some kind of a sign
of good things.

Slow Down.
A constant reminder
to keep living my own truth.
The whole nuclear thing
is so big in Australia at the moment
and only going to get bigger
as we negotiate our way through a year of
NSW State and Federal elections.
All eyes on Australia...
we're standing at a cross roads
- what will we choose?
i see Australians taking a stand,
making a statement,
for a different way of being and doing
in a world where
to take the well trod path
is so often where we head,
in spite of ourselves
and our better intentions.

We have so much uranium in Australia
and i feel there are strong desires from some
to have this raw material
be the new oil.
i unequivocally oppose a nuclear future
for the world.
We already have the biggest nuclear power generator
sustaining life across the entire planet.
To convince ourselves we need to supplement that
is like saying we should be crushing rocks by hand
to help build up sand on the beach.

40% of the world's uranium deposits
are in South Australia.
They're exporting to the world
but don't want nuclear power stations there
and don't want a nuclear waste dump.
And yet
they continue
to export.

The waste nuclear power produces
is toxic
to an extreme degree.

This is a problem
to which no one has any true solution.

This is about our kids.
This is about my kids.
i don't want to leave them anything
i'd rather not deal with myself.
i refuse to leave them anything
i can't deal with myself.

Plant more trees,
invest in sustainable energy technology,
"then before you know it
you turn around
and you've got an asset".

All eyes on Australia.
What message
do we send the world.
What world
do we leave our kids.


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Monday, November 27, 2006


giving thanks

i am giving
For the wealth
of my existence.
i choose to focus
on the positive.
That which brings me Joy
and Satisfaction.
i sit
on my verandah
and look around.
The smallest thing i see
fills me with wonder
i wander my house
and it fees like home
i see my brother
and i feel easy
i think of my wife
and i feel adoration
i absorb my children
and am connected
to the divine.
i am giving
for the wealth
of my experience.


Sunday, June 11, 2006



Seven years ago
we rolled our tour van
in the desert
just outside

Needles, California.
Fedj our devoted sound guy
Steve Luxenberg our brilliant guitarist
and i
all sustained severe injuries
in an accident any of us were lucky to survive
we all did.
And here i am
seven years on to the day
almost to the hour
passing by that fateful spot.
Our worlds were turned upside down
shaken and stirred.
It's over
i thought
as the dust settled.
It wasn't.
i give thanks
for our lives.
i give thanks for the multitude of humans
who played a part in our rescue and recovery.
The passers-by first on the scene
the two men who pulled me from the wreck
those who were there covering us with blankets and reassuring
the crowd that walked the side of the freeway
collecting our earnings from that weekend
as they fluttered away
the woman who stood over me
one hand on my head
the other reaching to the sky
as she cried out
Lord God ease this man of his pain
the emergency crews who arrived and took control
the nurses and doctors at the hospital in Needles.
i remember moans and cries of agony coming from the other blokes
in adjoining rooms
as i lay there that day

with little news of how
everyone was
while tests were done
operations begun.
Just me
and my imagination

to still.
i remember with gratitude
the crew who air-lifted Angus and me to Vegas
the doctor there who put Angus' neck back together
our friends and family who rallied around us
doing what they could to ease us back into the land of the living
and the reality
that everyone else had continued to inhabit.
And Kathy
and Leila
four fans who made it their mission to connect all our fans
have us make music again.
right now
as i ponder
i find myself thinking
how insignificant our lives are
in the middle of this wide desert
let alone this immense universe
but life is a gift

and i feel
we each have an obligation
to make our individual lives
as big as possible
And every day
and each moment that passes
where we don't do one thing
take one step
think one thought
that makes us a little better
a little bigger
is an opportunity lost.
We can't force change in anyone
but ourselves.
All there is to do
is to inspire
by example
our selves
and maybe others
And keep holding hands.

Monday, February 27, 2006


texas, old rockers, and high anticipation ...

When we first landed in the
we toured the country with the Joe Walsh band.
Baptism of fire it was
in some ways.
and those old rockers
and old roadies
showed us a lot.
The spectrum.

One of the shows that still sticks with me
is our show in a big parking lot
in Texas.
Wild ...
and that part of the States
has continued to live up to that
and anticipation
all those years ago
... whenever we've made it back.

One of the earliest festivals we did in Texas
was the North Texas Irish Fest.
i remember 2 different stages
a great vibe
and a great impromptu set
in honour of the wet.

the best part of 10 years on
we get to do it again.

We're bringing didgeriDrew
high expectation
and anticipation.
Line em up
Josh ...
we's a comin.

Monday, January 09, 2006


compilation cd fan comments

oh my dog
named truffle
this is going to be like reading a novel.
only on the first chapter
but so far it seems
everyone has made different choices...
are there that many to choose from
and which is the right choice
and how will i know

Friday, December 16, 2005


be kind and keep an open mind ...

Is it possible
we are all just little slices
of the one big orange
Along with the birds
and the bees
the dirt
and the trees?
Is our challenge
to dominate
and subdue
or to find

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


everyday ...

i give thanks
for all the little things
of which there are so many.

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