Friday, December 16, 2005


be kind and keep an open mind ...

Is it possible
we are all just little slices
of the one big orange
Along with the birds
and the bees
the dirt
and the trees?
Is our challenge
to dominate
and subdue
or to find

There is a rhythm to all things, whether it is the buzz of a didge, the drone of a bagpipe, a Dalbo beat, or the quiet subtle rhythm of the seasons in a garden or forest.

The challenge is for us to find our balance with that rhythm and to synchronize/harmonize ourselves with it. find balance..besides, what gives us the right to tread on others or strip someone of who they are..regardless of race, religion, sex, age, nationality, abled or disabled, mental challenges, health troubles..we are all here can we afford to not come together in one body:'s the only thing that will save us from our worst enemy..ourselves..
Balance is hard to find sometimes and takes effort. It can be easier to go through life without thinking. Taking the time to be quiet, find PEACE and accept others for who and what they are takes practice.
Is like learning to ride
A bike for the first time.
At first it seems hard
But in time & with practice
It becomes effortless.

And there are teachers
All around us:
The trees, the flowers
The bees, the butterflies
The wind, the water
And yes, even the dirt.

The way to
World peace
Is through
Inner peace,
Finding balance is absolutely necessary. Without it the world spins out of control. Domination does not allow for the sharing of ideas or ideals, which is necessary in finding balance.

Life is a much richer experience when you appreciate others not only for their similarities, but also their differences.
Merry Christmas

peace and light

supressing or subduing is only a fear of allowing something to be free, to grow, to flourish..

this is the season of 'peace on earth'..we need to realize it can't be limited only to a needs to be ingrained into our everyday lives..practiced & shown at all everyone & to everything..
if we cannot find a way to live in peace & harmony with all life, human or not, then what the hell are we doin' here..
"You've got to be taught before it's too late
Before you are six or seven or eight
To hate all the people your relatives hate
You've got to be carefully taught!"
- South Pacific

The pictures haunt and disturb;

Two cities, far apart;
in each, two Lads come upon
Homeless man

In one city
Lads whip out
and write
song - "Photograph"
result: Beauty

In other city
Lads whip out
and beat
Homeless man
result: Death

Will we as society look within and scream "The horror! The horror!"? H is right - We ARE all part of the same orange. "Teach your children well..."
... beautiful patterns of life in which we only get a glimps of, nothing unreal exists...
Two thoughts:
Is there a rehab facility where we can go to get help for our "addiction" to foreign oil?

It seems there was a dress code for the public gallery at the State of the Union speech. People were not allowed to wear clothing that exercised their right to free speech. One could get arrested for that. Oh wait, someone did.
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